Trekking Mont Blanc (english version)

We start at Chamonix in France and go south of Mont Blanc to Courmayeur in Italy. The tour takes place in beautiful mountain surroundings in a sometimes demanding 5-day route.
We follow the trail 'TMB' ('Tour de Mont Blanc'), which is a very well-known hiking route.

Although we will occasionally be high up, there are no dangerous passages to go through.


Day 1: Travel day (Castberggårds bus)
Day 2: Chamonix - Chamonix. (Fr)
Day 3: Les Houches - Les Contamones (Fr)
Day 4: Les Contamines - Les Chapieux (Fr - It)
Day 5: Les Chapieux - Refuge Elisabetta (It)
Day 6: Refuge Elisabetta - Courmayeur (It)
Day 7: Day off in Chamonix (take the cable car up to Aquille du Midi, near the top of Mont Blanc)
Day 8: Day of travel (Castberggårds bus)


Hiking length (time) each trip: 6 - 8 hours incl breaks.


No experience with hiking is required to attend here. You will be guided throughout the route. Since most of the route goes up and down with very few flat stretches, it is expected that you are in good shape and are used to long walks.

The bus follows us on the entire route, and can thus take most of your luggage. You can manage with a day trip backpack day 2 to day 4, whereas you need to carry your sleeping gear day 5 and day 6.

In case of bad weather a day when hiking is strongly discouraged, we stay on site and include day 7 to complete the hike rather than a day off in Chamonix.


Expected travel time: 15 hours.

Responsible for the trip

Søren Toura-Jensen ( and Ole Vestergaard (

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